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Bloody clay fight 2 Bloody clay fight 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Short but pretty well done. I only missed the point what the heck has happened.

SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This made me honestly laugh. Can't even remember when this happened last time on the internet. Freakin good job on collecting those reviews and voice acting.

Mak's Parasite Mak's Parasite

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was just AMAZING. I really enjoy your style! Keep it up buddy :)

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Super Mechs Super Mechs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome idea, I like this game. I hope you'll keep updating it.

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Tacticsoft responds:

We sure will!

Arrow Arrow

Rated 1 / 5 stars

nothing special about this boring commercial game

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice game

I simply love this game, its awesome time waster... -1b o g 23 -1q 1t,-1p 1t -1c p,7 1j -1q 1t,7 1j 3s 2s,c 23 8j 3t ai 4m,ai 4n c0 6k cl 84,e4 9r ei 97,b5 km bn ku,et 1n2 et 1n5,em 1mo ge 1t1 if 20o kc 228,1jh 4d6 1ji 4ct,1h4 6tj 1pl 7il,1id 7b0 22q 7s3,252 84m 2mq 8pu,2km 80p 2on 8gc,2om 8gb 2pp 8jm,2jg 8m0 2l7 8mn,2l6 8mn 2qg 8sf,2po 8jn 2sf 8qi,3tu c0f 3u8 c00,3s5 cam 3s8 cbt,3r7 cb5 3sm cbe,3vr chj 406 chi,3v2 cnt 3v8 cnr,3vv fl1 40h flc,43g fkv 42d flg,40i flb 40s fld,42e flh 429 flg,3tf iho 3ve ipv,3ve ipu 428 ium,42a iun 45c j1q,4cn j7l 4cn j7u,5b6 lbp 5bb lcg 5dk lbm,5b6 lbp 5cp lbc 5cp laa 5e3 lab 5dk lbo,5bg lbn 5bo lam,5cl lbc 5bm lam,5bn lam 5c9 l9i,5c6 l9o 5d8 l9g,5c5 l9m 5bb l9q 5bi lae,5bn lal 5as l9r,5cd l86 5bu l9a 5cd l9j 5dn l8o 5cb l85,5bj lah 5b9 lap,5ba lap 5bh lb0 5bo lai,5c0 l93 5ci l9g,5cd l8i 5cf l8v 5d1 l91,5ce l8p 5ca l8u,5cm l90 5ck l97,5d9 l97 5d8 l9r 5hk lao,5d9 l96 5i1 l9m 5hi lan,5dl l9f 5dl l9v,5dc l9h 5e9 l9h 5ed l9r 5df l9u,5ep l9i 5er la4,5fr l9n 5f3 l9p,5f1 l9n 5f8 la8,5f8 la5 5g6 la5,5gc l9o 5gh lag,5gh lab 5gv l9j,5gf la9 5h2 laj,5hd l9i 5ha lal,5n7 qfv 5ql qkh 600 qci,5n6 qfv 5lh qdo,5fp qm4 5qd qt0 67h qmj#5n6 qc4 5n9 qfb,5n0 qc4 5qr qc3,5mn qdg 5p9 qdh,5q9 qd0 5q9 qf6,5rf qfd 5r7 qcn 5sq qfi 5sq qbo,5p8 qs8 5pk qqe,5pk qqe 5pu qsm,5pk qqg 5pi qoc,5nr qlr 5ng qoc 5ro qoa 5qp qlb 5nq qlr,5pi qp5 5sg qoe 5s3 qq6,5pi qp6 5mk qog 5nk qqe,5nt qml 5ns qmv 5oo qmq,5op qmq 5ok qme 5nv qmm,5om qmk 5q8 qm6,5q7 qm2 5q9 qme 5qt qmd,5qt qmc 5qj qlo,5qj qlp 5q6 qm3,5p7 qmt 5p7 qno 5pu qms,5nr qnf 5o1 qnn 5q9 qo2 5qn qno,5o7 qls 5mk qln 5me qkc 5ub qm0 5v5 qnu 5rn qno,5nv qkm 5oa qjp 5se qkl,5sc qkl 5sa qli,5rd qq3 5td qq6,5tb qpm 5td qqk 5ue qqf 5u8 qph 5t8 qpl,5od qqo 5m3 qpk,5m2 qpj 5ls qq2 5o9 qr1 5oc qqp,5q4 qq7 5q3 qq3,5q3 qq3 5q2 qpq 5q9 qpn 5qi qpm,5ql qpl 5qr qpt,5qq qpu 5qp qq7,5qn qq7 5qi qqb,5qh qqb 5qf qqg 5qf qqk 5qf qqp 5qf qqs,5qk qr1 5qb qr1,5qc qqs 5qi qr4,5ks qmq 5l2 qmb,5l0 qme 5l8 qm8,5l8 qm8 5le qm8,5le qm8 5ln qm8,5ln qm8 5ls qmc,5ls qmc 5lt qmk,5ls qml 5lh qms,5lg qms 5le qn0,5le qn0 5le qn4,5le qn4 5le qna,5le qna 5lf qng,5lc qno 5lj qno,5lf qnm 5lf qnr,5tc qku 5t8 qkr,5t8 qkq 5t6 qki 5t6 qkf,5t6 qkc 5t8 qk6 5td qk1,5th qju 5tq qjs,5tr qjs 5u5 qjt,5u7 qju 5ug qkb,5ug qkc 5ud qkn,5uc qko 5u6 qku,5u5 qku 5u3 ql8,5u3 ql9 5u6 qlf,5u6 qlp 5ug qlo,5uc qlm 5ua qlt# JUST WATCH, DON'T TOUCH KEYBOARD

Recent Audio Reviews

Liquid - The Tape[demo] Liquid - The Tape[demo]

Rated 3 / 5 stars

fl slayer? boo bass?

sounds like FL Studio

The Masters Of Death Kill You The Masters Of Death Kill You

Rated 0 / 5 stars


IT IS PARODY?? well it makes me ROFL ROFL ROFL man... but metal isn't funny at all DUMBASS

[KK] fat tapping foot tappers [KK] fat tapping foot tappers

Rated 0 / 5 stars


sounds like FL Studio (did you use fl slayer plugin?) ... damn! Can't hear a shit! Sorry but this is total crap, this can't be a guitar !LOL!

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Recent Art Reviews

Illuminate my soul Illuminate my soul

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great work

love this, you made it so damn good... think that the whole picture is dark but the shine from behind is making that bright glow... great combination, it always get me (lol i think that my english suck)

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